In addition to the various interviews and role-playing exercises, our consultants use a range of tools to assess the abilities of each candidate. The aim of these tools is to provide an overview of their aptitudes, personality traits, intelligence and professional attitude and conduct.

More efficient and decidedly more focused, this approach enables us to collect objective and comparable data on which we can refine our clients’ criteria and support our decision-making.

Impactup has chosen to use only those models that have proven to be scientifically sound and that have been widely adopted for many years. Our test platform provides our clients with 4 main types of tests: cognitive, personality, skills and linguistic.

These tests are adapted not only to the business environment in general but more specifically to particular jobs and the level of responsibility expected. They therefore enable us to cover the widest possible spectrum… from novices to experienced managers!

We have the right caring, experience for you.
We have the right caring, experience for you.


We have the right caring, experience for you.
We have the right caring, experience for you.


In the models presented below, it is no longer only the candidates’ skills and qualifications that are scrutinised, but also their abilities and personality.

Big Five Profile (BF5)

This identifies the major patterns of an individual’s personality from the perspective of five major traits, which are common to all individuals regardless of language or culture. The BF5 is based on the Big Five theory of personality which is scientifically-recognised worldwide as a theory that measures what many psychologists consider to be the five main personality traits.

This model, commonly known as ‘OCEAN’, describes the personality based on five fundamental traits: Openness, Consciousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism. The test provides a general profile of the candidate’s personality by assessing his or her relative strengths on each of the five personality traits evaluated.

Professional Profile 2® 

This is a personality test used to analyse the preferences, motivations and values of an individual at work.
It covers values, motivations and personality traits, thereby enabling recruiters, HR professionals and psychologists to accurately assess the compatibility of a candidate with a specific job position.
This dual approach is interesting for two reasons:

Personality traits affect how an individual tends to act, adapt and function in a given situation
Motivations and values affect choices and decisions and therefore shed light on what drives an individual to act

Several features distinguish the Professional Profile 2® from other workplace personality tests. It includes more topical and job-oriented questions, it is a relatively short test with only 112 questions, it only takes 15 minutes on average to complete, and the dimensions assessed address both the theoretical requirements and the competencies defined by HR professionals, managers, and recruitment and training consultants. The scale was specifically developed to assess personality traits at work and to identify a candidate’s strengths, potential weaknesses and areas for improvement.


Given our agency’s positioning, naturally we use a very focused approach for candidates with sales and management profiles.

Sales Profile-R  

This test assesses the business potential, skills and motivation to succeed in the field of sales. Based on real-life scenarios, it assesses the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate’s or an employee’s sales skills. It focuses on 4 main themes.

Hunter skills: Prospection, Customer Contact, Go-getter
Farmer skills: Relationships/Networks, Strategic Sales, Customer Satisfaction
Negotiation skills: Understanding needs, Sales Pitch, Closing Transactions
Sales skills: Sales game, Assertiveness, Self-control


This is a support and decision-making tool that evaluates the managerial potential, behavioural skills and leadership skills of Managers and CEOs.

Designed specifically for HR professionals, and intended for use at an international level, it can be used throughout a career for different needs and at different levels:

Individuals: recruitment, career management, personal development, advice and guidance in the workplace for personnel, etc.
Team: analysis of training needs, team building, etc.
Company: management audit, continuity planning, change of corporate culture, etc.

Due to the dimensions assessed, this test is particularly appropriate for evaluating those with a managerial role.


Proficiency in one or more foreign languages is a prerequisite for positions with an international dimension (Export Area Manager, Sales Area Manager, Export Director, Business Developer, International Sales Manager, etc.).

As a partner of the world leader in language proficiency testing, our agency has at its disposal a tool to evaluate a candidate’s actual level in all aspects of a foreign language… comprehension, speaking and writing.
Available in more than 30 different languages, the online test takes 30 minutes to complete, is corrected by a native teacher, and the results are available within 24 hours.
The score obtained corresponds to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) with candidates being tested in 5 areas.

Oral fluency
Consistency and Coherence


Among all the factors considered to constitute intelligence, researchers agree on three key areas which are the most predictive of an individual’s overall intellectual performance… numerical, verbal and logical.

For measuring intellectual capacity and the ability to reason, to plan, and to solve problems, IQ, logic and comprehension tests are generally used.

The assessment of candidates is carried out by our consultants throughout the recruitment process.
In addition to interviews and role-plays, we also use tests and questionnaires that allow us to accurately analyse the personality, motivational factors and behaviour of candidates.
This allows us to ‘precisely’ measure the degree of compatibility between a candidate and a job.
Our agency is Success Insights certified (certification no. 130204) to use the Marston Disc profile test.


This test evaluates the level of written French of both French-speaking and non-French-speaking candidates and employees. It assesses their knowledge of spelling, grammar and vocabulary.


This test identifies and assesses a candidate’s level of general knowledge across 6 main themes: Economics, History and Politics, Arts and Culture, Current Affairs, Geography and Civilisation, and French Language.


This test assesses the cognitive abilities required to perform in complex tasks involving advanced reasoning.
This test measures specific and general intellectual abilities in three areas: verbal communications, logical thinking and numerical analysis. These three areas are considered to be the most important as they encompass all the skills required in a professional environment such as communication, planning, organisation, calculation and anticipation of results.

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