In addition to our recruitment offers and the use of essential tools such as recruitment interviews and personality and reasoning tests, our agency also proposes an appraisal service through our Assessment Center, which will facilitate your decision-making process.

Approach and challenges

The approach is based on the analysis of behavioural skills in the professional environment, and encompasses the human dimension, soft skills, motivations and values. It enables us to precisely define a candidate’s and/or current employee’s potential to attain and succeed in management or executive positions.
When the stakes are high and you are under pressure, the Assessment Center is an extremely powerful tool for rationalising and providing reassurance when making decisions.
Resolutely more focused and selective, this tailor-made approach offers high added value for both the company and the employee.

Scope of application in-house:

  • Measures the managerial potential of an existing structure
  • Identifies the potential for development as well as the managers of tomorrow
  • Identifies coaching/training initiatives to be developed and implemented
  • Makes even the most difficult of recruitments more accurate


Within our agency, each assessment session always includes a series of role plays and scenarios of varying degrees of complexity, defined and validated with our client, as well as behavioural tests or questionnaires and several face-to-face feedback sessions with a certified specialist consultant.
Our assessment covers the following 7 fundamental aspects:

1. Strategic vision, capacity for abstraction and for taking a wider view
2. Leadership, capacity for action and training
3. Independence of mind and creativity
4. Objective-oriented and results-driven
5. Ability to communicate, to convince, to listen
6. Adaptability, agility, ability to bounce back, resilience
7. Time management, ability to prioritise, organisational skills

At the end of the session, a feedback interview is conducted openly with the candidate and you will receive a complete assessment report including the various test results, a summary of the role-playing/scenarios, along with our recommendations.

Why use our assessment center?

  • Decisions are objective
  • Guaranteed effectiveness
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Transparency of decisions
  • A candidate’s worth and merit are fully revealed
  • Employer brand is enhanced

Assessment Center