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Recruitment agency specializing in business development & consulting


Recruiting Sales reps
Sales managers
Marketing personnel


Throughout the recruitment process, our consultants continually evaluate potential candidates.

In addition to traditional interviews and role-playing, we also use a series of tests and questionnaires which enable us to analyse, in detail, a candidate’s personality, behaviour and reasons for applying. We can therefore measure the correlation between the job vacancy and the candidate’s profile with precision.


IMPACTUP has received Success Insights certification (certification n°. 130204) and is therefore qualified to carry out Marston’s DISC behaviour assessments.


Over 10 years ago we developed our own assessment platform which comprises 4 different tools:

TalentInitial®, TalentAttitude®, TalentBusiness® and TalentRelation®


We carry out these tests as part of our recruitment assignments as well as in our advisory role.


In addition, by using Marston’s DISC we are able to develop and suggest Team Building solutions.